Strength Training for Beginners [Autographed Copy]

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Strength training for beginners—a flexible 12-week program

Ready to start making real gains? Filled with novice-friendly advice that covers every aspect of successful workouts, Strength Training for Beginners is the perfect choice for new weight lifters who want to make sure they start their strength training journey in a safe and effective way.

Not only will you get detailed—and fully illustrated—breakdowns of every exercise, but you’ll also get tips and tricks for making sure your form is on point. Discover handy ways to increase or decrease the difficulty of individual exercises based on your unique needs. You’ll even find out how to make sure you’re getting the most out of your workout with must-have lifestyle advice. Let’s get lifting!

Strength Training for Beginners shows you how to:

  • Start strong—Jump right in with a flexible 12-week program perfect for easing you into weight training, while also providing you a solid foundation for continuing gains every week after.
  • Work (out) from home—Get started with exercises that require minimal equipment, allowing you to slowly upgrade your home gym—buying barbells on day one is not required.
  • Eat right—Discover how maintaining a proper diet (not to mention sleeping enough) is essential to improving the effectiveness of your strength training.


Whether you plan to get healthy or set yourself up for weight lifting success, Strength Training for Beginners will help you get there!

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