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Winners Separate in the Off-Season

Wrestlers are notoriously hard workers.

The brutal training sessions of our legends are that of folklore. The best wrestlers outwork the competition on the mat, in the weight room, and in life. It has been that way for decades.

Wrestlers are a different bread.

The discipline required to excel is unmatched by other sports. A wrestler needs to be exceptionally strong physically and mentally. As Gable famously said, “once you’ve wrestled, everything in life is easy.”

With that in mind, hard work alone is not enough to get an edge. Everyone on the podium works hard. Hard work is a prerequisite. It’s not only about working harder. To get ahead, you must have a better plan. You need to work smarter, too.

If I have any criticism of most wrestling programs, it’s the commitment to old-school methodologies. Most of which have no rhyme or reason. The programs get passed down from generation to generation.

To be the best requires a relentless pursuit of excellence. And that includes seeking out the best information. New research on the best practices to build muscle, gain strength, improve conditioning, and get more explosive comes out every year. Take advantage of it.

A program can be a blend of old-school toughness with new-age thinking. It does not have to be black or white. 

There is no excuse to lose because you were not strong enough or not in good enough shape. If you take this workout program seriously, you can be a completely different wrestler by next year.


Get Bigger, Faster, and Stronger 

Picture some of the best wrestlers of all time.

What do they look like, what attributes do they demonstrate in their matches, and how do they win? Asking these questions provides some direction on where to take our training.

What to expect if you follow the program: 

  • Build Muscle. Be the most jacked guy in your weight class next year. A bigger muscle has the potential to be a stronger muscle. 
  • Develop strength, power, and explosiveness. 
  • Improve general and specific conditioning that allows you to express maximal strength and power under metabolic conditions of the sport. 
  • Increase speed, flexibility, and coordination as well.

28 weeks of Programs (7 months)

At the annual level, the off-season training for a wrestler breaks down into three distinct periods.

Weeks 1-4 [The Post-Season]: Right after the season, recovery is the goal mentally and physically. After a brutal wrestling season, a month of lower-intensity effort is good to ease into the offseason. Starting off too fast is a recipe for disaster. During this time, I encourage general activity outside of the weight room as well. Think swimming, mountain biking, hiking, pick-up games of football, basketball, soccer, etc. 

Weeks 5-20 [The Off-Season]: The main off-season period is the most productive time of the year for making physical improvements. This is where all of the magic happens. The goals are building muscle, strength, power, and muscular endurance. These 4 months are brutal but effective! 

Weeks 21-28 [The Pre-Season]: The pre-season is a transition between the off-season and competition period. During this time, the priority shifts toward power development and conditioning. The workouts also become more specific to wrestling. In addition to lifting, athletes should start getting in the wrestling room a few times per week during the pre-season. This is where most people mess up their weight room work. 



Q: What equipment do you need to run the program? 

A: You don't need any special equipment to run the program. However, a detailed guide is included if you need help with exercise substitution. The exercise substitution guide provides options to change movements based on what you have available.  

Q: Is this program for everyone? 

A: This program works well for a wide range of people. However, it's best suited for high school and college wrestlers. I would recommend having some training experience before starting. 

Q: Is there a conditioning component to the program? 

A: Yes, the program covers speed/power, strength, hypertrophy, conditioning, and flexibility. It's everything a wrestler needs to be successful. 

Q: How long is the program?

A: The complete program is 28 weeks. It starts right after the wrestling season finishes and takes you up to the start of the following year.

Use the same program the champions use for only $19.99


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