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A Three-Phase Strength Building System For The Intermediate To Advanced Lifter. 

The original Absolute Strength program helped me (and thousands of others the past 5 years) reach huge milestones in the gym.

I was running Absolute Strength when I originally hit the following lifts:

Squat 515lbs 

Bench Press 405lbs

Deadlift 540lbs

I accomplished these lifts all while weighing in at under 165-pounds bodyweight!

This is the program you need!

If you are tired of doing the same workouts day after day and not making the type of progress you want, give Absolute Strength a shot! 

Let me ask you a question…

When was the last time you had a bulletproof plan when entering the gym?

It’s time to stop doing random workouts.

If you want exceptional results you need a structured plan. You are leaving so much strength on the table! 

Why Absolute Strength?

My goal when coming up with Absolute Strength was simple. I wanted to develop a program in which I could get as strong as possible. Nothing less than that was going to cut it.

I needed a plan that was balanced. A plan I could follow for multiple training cycles and continue progressing. I also wanted a program that allowed me to build some muscle to go along with the strength. I mean, what good is being strong if you look like you don’t even lift?

Build Muscle To Gain Maximum Strength?

Don’t get me wrong, this is a powerlifting program. Maximum strength is the goal. But, powerlifting and bodybuilding do have a lot of carryover. A well-designed strength program will absolutely help you build muscle. Those adaptations are not mutually exclusive.

This is the perfect "offseason" powerlifting program. 

(see Absolute Strength V2.0 for meet prep)


If this is starting to sound like a “perfect program”, I like to think it’s close.

By now you probably have some questions…

There are a lot of online training programs available, what makes this different? 

If you were wondering this, you are correct, there are a lot of training programs available online. Unfortunately, most of them are not any good. It’s just like the online coaching industry. People feel like they can make a quick buck without any substance. There are countless trainers who put out e-books before even working with ONE real person…how does that make sense?

To answer your question, the specific periodization involved in the Absolute Strength program is what makes it different. I didn’t spend a lot of time creating a fancy sales page or a flashy cover. I spent years reading old Russian training books and looking at periodization research so I could come up with the BEST strength building program possible.

In Absolute Strength, I use a unique combination of Daily Undulating Periodization (DUP) combined with basic linear progressions. It is literally the best of both worlds.

What is DUP?

Daily Undulating Periodization, known in the lifting game simply as DUP, has made a resurgence in the lifting community in recent years.

Daily Undulating Periodization is exactly what it sounds like (surprising, huh?).

Let’s break it down:

Daily: literally we are talking about days of the week.

Undulating: undulation simply means a flowing motion, up and down in a wave-like pattern. In reference to training, it means sets and reps progressing in a nonlinear fashion.

Periodization: periodization is just a way of organizing your training. Periodization is having a training plan that goes beyond one week.

In Absolute Strength, the DUP is in reference to working multiple rep ranges throughout the training week. One day might be 9 reps, the next might be 5. This way we can work multiple training adaptations at the same time.

How many days per week is this program?

The program is designed around training 4-6 days per week. With that being said, you could also train 3 days per week with a little adjustment which is outlined in the book.

Can you follow the program in a home gym?

As long as you have access to a barbell, a bench and a squat rack you can follow the program. The only exercises that you “need” to do all involve a barbell. The assistance work has a lot of variabilities to work around the equipment you have available.

This all sounds great but why should I invest my money into this program? 

For starters, right now I am offering Absolute Strength at a ridiculous 50% off. You can’t beat the price.

However, just for comparison let’s look at what something like this usually costs.

The Absolute Strength program is 3 training phases.

Most quality training coaches charge $125-$200 per training phase! Do the math, 3 training phases would easily cost between $375 and $600!

You can get Absolute Strength for only $19.99.


What do I get if I purchase the book?

Absolute Strength is an e-book so everything is downloadable right away. No physical products need to be shipped. You can start the program today.

The book itself is 122 pages long!

I wanted this book to be more than just a training program. I wanted to provide something that helped you discover what quality programming is all about.

My favorite chapter is the one on technique. It is by far the longest chapter as well. I break down all three of the main lifts (squat, bench and deadlift) and talk about how to get the most out of them! I don’t care who you are, form is something that can always improve.


Grab this book for the special price of $19.99!