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Unlock Your Powerlifting Potential with Absolute Strength 3.0

New for 2024!

Are you ready to take your powerlifting journey to the next level? Introducing Absolute Strength 3.0, the definitive guide to unlocking the true potential of your powerlifting performance!

It's been nearly eight years since the original Absolute Strength program came out. People always say this, but the response to the OG ebook blew me away. Honestly, I didn't know what to expect. My first ebook, the original Bench Press Specialization program in 2014, did modest sales. I was happy with how it did, but it wasn't anything to write home about. Absolute Strength was a different story. From its inception in 2016, it crushed. And I'm not just talking about sales. 

The feedback from Absolute Strength has been eight years of positive remarks. Thousands of lifters have told me about its impact on their lifting. It's impacted me, too. Some of the strongest periods of my life have been when I was following the programming in Absolute Strength. 

Why This Program?

So, why the new program? A couple of reasons. Although the original programming is fantastic, it doesn't reflect my current thoughts on how to train for powerlifting. I have worked with many lifters since 2016 and developed a new methodology. You will find some similarities, but the programming is entirely different for the latest edition. 

I used the four-day and six-day training templates for the past two years and believe this is the BEST powerlifting ebook on the market. That's why I waited so long to update the program. I wanted to wait until I had something better than anything else available. 

Aside from the programming, I also wanted to update the content. My goal with the third edition is to provide you with an easy-to-assess, no-bullshit guide for strength. Of course, there is always more to say, but I value efficiency. Plus, Absolute Strength has always been about the program. The value you get from this document will come from the time and effort you spend in the gym. 

Why Absolute Strength 3.0 is Your Ultimate Powerlifting Companion:

  • Blueprint for Power: Experience a meticulously crafted training blueprint that takes you from where you are to where you want to be – a powerlifting powerhouse.
  • Strategic Progression: The program is not just about lifting heavy all the time; it's about strategically progressing through targeted phases, ensuring consistent gains while minimizing the risk of injury and plateau.
  • Fuel Your Fire: Uncover the nutrition strategies that fuel elite powerlifters. During intense training sessions, maximize muscle growth, optimize recovery, and maintain peak performance.
  • Flexibility: Absolute Strength 3.0 offers a flexible 4 or 6-day split, designed for both home and the most well-equipped gyms. Whether you prefer the convenience of a bare-bones home setup or the resources of a large commercial facility, this program accommodates your choice. The flexibility – from exercise selection to adjusting volume and intensity- sets it apart. Tailor the program to suit your specific goals and fitness level, ensuring a personalized and effective journey toward new PRs. 

Why Absolute Strength 3.0 Stands Head and Shoulders Above the Rest:

  • Results-Driven Approach: Backed by proven results, this program has evolved over the past eight years. I took what worked from the original program and added new elements to make it more effective. Unlike most powerlifting ebooks, this is not a random program I created one day to try and make money. The truth is, you are the gunnie pig for most powerlifting ebooks you buy. No one had even attempted those programs before. Absolute Strength 3.0 is eight years in the making.
  • Game-Changing Insights: I have been a full-time online coach for nearly 15 years. During that time, I have worked with hundreds of powerlifters. When I finish a project, people often ask me how long it took me to write it. The true answer is 15 years because it is the culmination of all my experience as a coach distilled down into an easy-to-follow program. 
  • Hit New Records: This program is a meet prep program, complete with a peak and taper. The entire point of the program is to hit a new personal record at the end. Don't worry; you don't have to compete to run it, but by the end, you will be ready to test your newly gained strength. 

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