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Take Muscle and Strength Gains to the Next Level

Big and strong. The two words go together like peas and carrots. Although the concept is nothing new, training to build muscle and gain strength is the current trend. Everyone and their mother is putting together powerbuilding programs. But, this style of training has gained popularity for a good reason. Strength and aesthetics are not mutually exclusive. Training to build muscle and gain strength gives you the best of both worlds. I have been coaching for over ten years, and I have come across very few people who didn’t want to have more muscle and the ability to lift heavier weights. We all want to make Absolute Progress. 

What Makes Absolute Progress 2.0 Different?

You have the option to choose from 3, 4, 5, and 6-day training splits. All of the programs are 8-week cycles. With Absolute Progress 2.0, you are essentially getting eight programs for the price of one. 

The 8 Unique Programs Included: 

  • 3-Day Per Week Muscle Building Focus (8-week program)
  • 3-Day Per Week Strength Building Focus   (8-week program)
  • 4-Day Per Week Muscle Building Focus   (8-week program)
  • 4-Day Per Week Strength Building Focus   (8-week program)
  • 5-Day Per Week Muscle Building Focus   (8-week program)
  • 5-Day Per Week Strength Building Focus   (8-week program)
  • 6-Day Per Week Muscle Building Focus   (8-week program)
  • 6-Day Per Week Strength Building Focus (8-week program)

Muscle Building Focused Programs

The muscle-building programs have more training volume and a little less strength work. These programs are similar to an offseason bodybuilding routine. If your main goal is building muscle and looking great but still want strength gains, these programs are perfect.

Strength Focused Programs

The strength-focused programs have more low rep training, including more singles, with a little less training volume. These programs are similar to an offseason powerlifting routine. If your main goal is strength training but still want to build muscle, these programs are perfect.

What if you want to build muscle and gain strength equally? 

If you want to build muscle and gain strength equally, I recommend doing cycles of each program. The best way to set it up would be to run an 8-week muscle-building cycle, followed by an 8-week strength-building cycle. Essentially, you would look at it as a 16-week training cycle, with the first 8-weeks focused on muscle building, and the last 8-weeks focused on strength building.

What to Expect on Absolute Progress 2.0

A well-constructed powerbuilding program is essentially a hybrid of the best aspects of powerlifting and bodybuilding. 

  • Don't just look like you're strong, be strong. Intensity is an important factor for gaining strength. To get stronger, you need to lift heavy (80%+). This program allows you to do just that. 
  • Build more muscle by utilizing a variety of rep ranges. Research shows anywhere from 3-20 reps (or more) can be used for hypertrophy training, as long as those sets are taken relatively close to failure (within 1-3 reps in reserve).
  • Set new PRs and break through plateaus. In Absolute Progress, progression is built into the program. If you do the work, you will start lifting weights you have never touched before. 
  • Have more fun! This program is the most fun you will ever have in the gym. You get to go in, lift heavy, set new PRs, crush volume, get a sick pump, and go home looking jacked.



Q: What equipment do you need to run the program? 

A: You don't need any special equipment to run the program. However, if you need help with exercise substitution, there is a detailed guide included. The exercise substitution guide provides you with a ton of options to change movements based on what you have available. All you need is a basic home gym set up to do the program. But, if you train at a fancy gym with a bunch of machines and specialty bars, there is a spot to put them to use as well. 

Q: Is this program for everyone? 

A: This program works well for a wide range of people. However, it's not really for beginners. I would recommend having a year or so of training experience before starting Absolute Progress 2.0. If you are a beginner, check out one of my other books, Bodybuilding for Beginners or Strength Training for Beginners. 

Q: How does Absolute Progress 2.0 compare to the original Absolute Progress?

A: Absolute Progress 2.0 is very different than the original Absolute Progress ebook. All of the training is different this time around. This version has 8 unique programs, 3, 4, 5, and 6-day per week training split options, and the ability to focus on strength or muscle building. 



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