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The Most Effective Science-Based Muscle Building Routine  

Absolute Muscle is a training program for anyone who wants to build muscle, stay lean, and look better than they ever thought possible.

I created Absolute Muscle to be the most intelligent and effective muscle-building program on the market. It is the perfect mix of cutting-edge hypertrophy research and real-world experience. 

No matter how bad you think your genetics are or how many routines failed you in the past, this program will add muscle to you as fast as humanly possible. 

And better yet, you can do it without following a crazy diet, taking an abundance of supplements, or living in the gym. 

This book shows you how to get the best workouts of your life. 


What Makes Absolute Muscle Different? 

You get to choose from 4, 5, and 6-day training splits. All of the programs are 6-week cycles designed to be repeated multiple times. With Absolute Muscle, you are getting three unique programs for one price.


The 4-Day "Gold Standard" Training Routine 

Day 1: Upper Body

Day 2: Lower Body

Day 3: Push

Day 4: Pull 

If I had to put money on it, I would bet more world-class physiques were built using a similar split to this than any other in existence. This is how many of the natural bodybuilders you look up to train. 

The 5-Day "Scientific Bro-Split" Training Routine 

Day 1: Back / Calves

Day 2: Chest / Abs

Day 3: Legs

Day 4: Shoulders / Traps

Day 5: Biceps / Triceps 

Recent research has shown that the evidence-based community got it wrong. Bro splits can be as effective as training muscle groups multiple times per week. See, the bros had it right. 

However, as you will learn in the book, volume follows an inverted "U" shape curve. There is a point where too many sets in a single training session become counterproductive. This is where traditional bro splits mess up. Half of the workout is ineffective "junk volume." 

If you like giving each muscle group its own day but want to set it up intelligently, this is for you. 

The 6-Day "HF-PPL" Training Routine

Day 1: Legs

Day 2: Push

Day 3: Pull

Day 4: Legs

Day 5: Push

Day 6: Pull

I have been putting out content for over 12 years, and for that entire time, people have been begging me to put out a Push-Pull-Legs routine. I never have until now. 

This is the only Push-Pull-Legs routine I put my stamp of approval on. I have agonized over this specific routine for months. I have personally followed this exact 6-day split for the past six months to make sure every detail - volume, intensity, exercise selection, etc. is perfect. 

The HF-PPL routine is only for advanced lifters, but it is phenomenal. 

What to Expect with Absolute Muscle

  • Improve body composition.
  • Build muscle.
  • Gain strength in the 6-20 rep range.
  • ~60-minute workouts.
  • Enjoy training again.



Q: What equipment do you need to run the program? 

A: You don't need any special equipment to run the program. However, a detailed guide is included if you need help with exercise substitution. The exercise substitution guide provides you with options to change movements based on what you have available. A basic home gym setup is all you need to do the program. But, if you train at a fancy gym with unique machines and specialty bars, there is a spot to put them to use.


Q: Is this program for everyone? 

A: This program works well for a wide range of people. However, it's not really for beginners. I would recommend having some training experience before starting Absolute Muscle. If you are a complete beginner, check out one of my other books, Bodybuilding for Beginners or Beginners Guide to Weight Lifting.

Q: Is there a nutrition component? 

A: Yes, there is an entire chapter on nutrition. I take you through setting up your calories and macros to maximize muscle-building without gaining fat. 

Q: How does Absolute Muscle compare to Absolute Progress and Absolute Strength?

A: Absolute Muscle is a pure bodybuilding program. Of course, there is a strength component (you know me, I can't help myself). But, it's not a powerbuilding or powerlifting routine. This program is purely designed to maximize muscular development. 

Get the final chapter in the "Absolute" series today for only $19.99


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