10 Week Bench Press Specialization Program

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Simply put this is a program that specializes in improving your bench press as much as possible in 10 weeks.  

Think about it. How much you have actually improved your bench press over the last 10 weeks? How about the last year? 

Let's change that. 

* This is a 10 week periodized training program broken up into 2 (4) week phases, 1 de-load week, and 1 max out/testing week. 

* This program is based on 4 days per week of lifting.

* Included is a detailed nutrition section explaining how to optimize your nutrition for gaining strength, specifically on the bench. 

* Every week there are 3 bench press focused sessions. 

* Although this is a bench press specialization program, there is one lower body session each week throughout the program. You will put in enough work on the squat and deadlift to maintain your strength in those lifts.

* Not only will you improve your bench, but with the extra upper body volume, you are going to gain some serious muscle across your upper body as well! 

* 28 pages of pure strength producing material. 

Don't wait, start building a legendary bench press today!